15 Amazing Tech Hacks Every One Should Know

15 Amazing Tech Hacks Every One Should Know

We Have To Know Some Of The Tech Hacks That Makes Our Life Easier And Simpler At AnyTime AnyWhere In Any Situations Which May Solves Our Works Easier Without Moving Hard. I Had Some Of The Amazing Tech Hacks Which May Helps You a Lot And Moreover These Tech Hacks Are Helping Me In My Daily Life.

Here Is The Way To

  1. We Can Use Google As a Timer By Typing ” Set Timer ( x ) Minutes ” Into The Google Search Bar.

15 Amazing Tech Hacks Every One Should Know
2. To Stop Displaying Ads While Playing Games Put Your Phone On Aeroplane Mode Will Stop Displaying Ads While Playing Games.
3. If You Accediently Closed Any Tab While Browsing Simply Use The Shortcut Key To Reopen The Tab [ Ctrl + Shift + T ].
4. If Your Phone Battery Is Really Low And To Use It For Later Don’t Turn It Off. Instead Of It, Put It On Aeroplane Mode. Turning It OFF And ON Will Waste Battery Life.
5. FutureMe.org Lets You Send Letters To Yourself In The Future.
6. If You Have a Computer That Blocks Sites Such As YouTube, Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode Will Let You Access Them.
7. If You Are At a Hotel And Run Out Of Chargers, The TV Usually Has a USB Plugins.
8. An iPad Charger Will Charge Your iPhone Much Faster.
9. If You Download a ” PDF ” Files And If You See It Ends In ” exe ” Delete It. It’s Usually a Virus.
10. If You Want To Download a YouTube Video, Just Add ” SS ” To The URL Between WWW. And The Youtube Video Url.
11. Storing Batteries In The Freezer Can Up To Double Their LifeSpan.
12. If You Want To Buy a Cheapest Airline Ticket Online, Use Your Browser’s In Incognito Mode. Prices Go Up If You Visit a Site Multiple Times.
13. The Program DeTune Will Transfer All The Song From An iPad/iPhone And Put Them On Your Computer.
14. Stop Using Google.com To Search Information For School Essays, Use Scholar.google.com Instead Of It. You Will Find More Relevant Information Right Away.
15. If You Lost An Andriod phone In Your House And It’s On Vibrate, You Can Find It By Going To Google And Sign Up With Google Account And Google Play > Andriod Device Manager > ‘Ring’.

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