Best And Useful SoftWares For Our Winodows Pc

Hai Guys Now Every Where EveryOne Using Computer To Learn Or To Gain Some Knowledge About Their Computer And What They Are Searching For Their Work. But Guys We Don’t Know What Are The Softwares Help Or Improves Our Computers, Here is Some Of The Best And Useful Softwares For Windows Pc….????

Here is The Article That Says About The Best And Useful Softwares For Our Windows Pc So Have a Look At This Article To Know The What Are The Best And Useful Softwares For Our Windows Pc….

Here is The List Of Softwares:-

1. ”F.lux  ”:-

” F.lux ” It The Name Of The Software, This Softwares Helps You To Stabilizes Or Control The Brightness Levels Of Your Pc According To Your Place And Location….. Where You Are Simply Enter The Name Of The Area Or Zip or Pincode Of The Area Where You Are…


Off course This Software Can Save You From EyeSight Which Color Effects From Your Pc.

Here is The Link Of The Software:- ” F.lux ”.

2. ”Snip Capture Tool ”:-


The Second Software is ” Snip Capture Tool ”, Which Helps You Take Screen Shot On DeskTop. Along With This Software Helps You To Turn This Into a ” White Board ” Helps You To Teach Some Else And Also There is a Recording Option Given In This Software… About Some Problems Araises On Your Friends Pc With Helps Of Some Softwares Like ” Team Viewer ”…

Here is The Link to The Software: – ” Snip Capture Tool

3. ClipX

The Windows clipboard is a really helpful tool in our daily computer tasks, but it can still be improved with tools such as ClipX.


This simple program empowers your current Windows clipboard by enabling it to hold up to 1024 items instead of just one. This list not only includes text snippets of all sorts (from website URLs to short paragraphs) but also bitmap images. All the copied elements are saved on a list that can be accessed at any time from the program’s icon in the system tray. This means that you can use any element previously copied to the clipboard at any moment, even if you have copied more elements afterward.

This Clipx Matter is All From Below Given Site.

Here is The Link Of The Software:- ” ClipX ”,

4. Fences:-

This is The Wonderful Software With Just One Click It Changes The Look Of Your Pc Which Arranges The Icons Into The Categories Into Which They Belong To….


Here are The Link of The SoftWare:- ” Fences ”.

I Hope you’ve UnderStood Best And Useful Softwares For Windows Pc. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!


Author: Kumar

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