Don’t Type These Words On The Internet Seriously…..

Hai Guys EveryOne Using Smart Phone, Computers And Much More Also We Are Using the Internet In a Good Way But, Some One Miss Use The Internet Into a Different Way….

Guys Remember One Thing Seriously Guys Don’t Type These Words On the Internet In  Any Case Seriously…….

Here are Things You Should Not do On the Internet Seriously…..



” Suicide ”  The Word You Should Not Type On the Internet In Any Case Seriously.


  1. In Any Case, If You Entered These Words On Internet It Aks You Access Your ” Locations Or Asks You Turn On Locations”.
  2. If Seriously You Granted The Permission To Access The Your Current Locations.
  3. That’s It Within a Hours ” Police Trace Your Location ” And Ask You Why You Type These Words On Internet.
  4.  There are  ” Chances For Arresting ”   Off course They Can………….. Be Careful  Guys…………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Guys Please Share This Information To Your Friends As Much As Possible, This is A Request Guys So Please Share As Possible…..



Author: Kumar

MySelf Kumar, A Tech Geeker There Is No AnyThinG To Say About Me And Coming To My Profession BloGGing.., It Totally ChanGed My Life Into a New Tech World. It's Fun And Happy To Find Solutions For The Tech Problems Mostly On Andriod And PC Platforms Which Explains In Easiest Method On This Website All Tech Tips And Tricks. You Have To Learn, I Have To Learn - Learning Has No EndinG # Choose The Life That Makes You Happy #

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