Don’t Type These Words On The Internet Seriously…..

Hai Guys EveryOne Using Smart Phone, Computers And Much More Also We Are Using the Internet In a Good Way But, Some One Miss Use The Internet Into a Different Way….

Guys Remember One Thing Seriously Guys Don’t Type These Words On the Internet In  Any Case Seriously…….

Here are Things You Should Not do On the Internet Seriously…..



” Suicide ”  The Word You Should Not Type On the Internet In Any Case Seriously.


  1. In Any Case, If You Entered These Words On Internet It Aks You Access Your ” Locations Or Asks You Turn On Locations”.
  2. If Seriously You Granted The Permission To Access The Your Current Locations.
  3. That’s It Within a Hours ” Police Trace Your Location ” And Ask You Why You Type These Words On Internet.
  4.  There are  ” Chances For Arresting ”   Off course They Can………….. Be Careful  Guys…………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Guys Please Share This Information To Your Friends As Much As Possible, This is A Request Guys So Please Share As Possible…..



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