Did You know How Much Data Does a Youtube Videos Consume..???

Youtube Is One Of the Best Platform To Watch Videos Like Live TV Shows / Movies / Comic Videos And Moreover We Can Make Or Earn Money From Youtube By Uploading Tutorials Videos On Particular Topics And Much More etc..!!!

If There is a Smart Phone In Our Hands With Internet Connection We Couldn’t Say That What We Do Without Our Smart Phone. Yes Most Of Us Are Interested In Watching Youtube Videos. MoreOver, If We Are Watching Youtube Videos  Through ” Wi-Fi ” Connection There is No Any Problem, If We Watched Videos Via ” Mobil Data ” Connection EveryOne Doesn’t Know ” How Much Data Does a Youtube Consume..??? ”

Here is The Article ” Did You Know How Much Data Does a Youtube Vidoe Consume..??? ” Let’s CheckIt Out..!!! 

YouTube Video Data Consumption Per Minute

YouTube Video Quality    ⇔    Data Used Per Minute

  • 114 P                      ⇔             1.90 MB.
  • 240 P                      ⇔             2.70 MB.
  • 360 P                      ⇔              4.40 MB.
  • 480 P                      ⇔             7.70 MB.
  • 720P [ HD ]           ⇔              14.50 MB.
  • 1080 P [ HD ]        ⇔              27.61 MB.


I Hope you’ve understood. ” How Much Data Does a Youtube Videos Consume ”. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!


Author: Kumar

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