3 Types Of Antivirus Scans And When To Use Them

Many of Us Are Using Antivirus Programs In Their Devices To Stay Away From Virus, Malware, Trojans etc.. When It Comes To The Computer We Need the Best Antivirus Program To Get Full Protection In This Digital World Every Device Need Protection Whether It Is Android, iOS, Computer, Laptops etc.., Mostly For Computer’s Offcourse Computers Need Protection. Well, We Are Scanning Our Device With An Trusted Antivirus Software Tapping On These Three Option Full Scan / Custom Scan / Quick Scan Moreover We See These Scanning Options In Every Antivirus Software Before We Starting Scanning Our Device. Check Out The Related Article Here Are Best Free Antivirus Softwares For PC 2018

3 Types Of Antivirus Scans And When To Use Them

Regular CheckUp Is Needed For Every System And That Is Best Way To Protect Yourself From Harmful Factors. Well Most Of Us Doesn’t Know When To Use These Different Antivirus Scans in Their Device. Don’t Worry About That You Will Get Clarified EveryThing About These Three Type Of Scanning From This Article ” 3 Types Of Antivirus Scans And When To Use Them ”. 

Here Is The Way To Go

1. Full Scan

A Full Scan Is Nothing But a Complete Scan  It Will Takes a Few Hours Of Time To Complete The Scanning Process. The Antivirus Program Usually Scans The Following Things When You Scan Your PC In Full Scan.

  • All Network Drivers, Hard Drivers, And Removable Storage.
  • System Memory – RAM
  • System BackUps.
  • StartUp Folders.
  • Registry Items.


2.Custom Scan

Custom Scan Is Nothing But Scanning a Custom File Or Drive. If You Had a Pendrive Or External Hard Drive To Check For a Virus, We Do Not Have To Sit Through The Few Hours To Complete The Process. With Custom Scan We Can Use The In Choosing The Drivers In Performing The Custom Scan And We Can Ignore Any Driver / Unselect. Custom Scan Will Save Your Time By Selecting The Drivers To Perform ScanninG. Well This Is The Best And Easiest Way To Quickly Check Your Pendrive Or External Hard Drive For HarmFul Files And Virus.

3.Quick Scan

A Quick Scan Is Nothing But Scanning The Full Device In a Minutes Of Time And It’s Like a Full Scan That Performs These Files In Quick Scan.

  • Commonly Infected Files And Folders.
  • Running Processes And Threads.
  • System Memory – RAM
  • StartUp Folders.
  • Registry Items.

These Items Are Quite Similar To The Files That Are Performed During In Full Scan But Apart From There System Analyze Mostly The Folders Instead Of Scanning Every Single one In PC. Moreover Quick Scan Focus Only The Files That Have Been Modified Since The Last Scan.

Well, I Think You Got Full Clarification About These Three Types Of Antivirus Scanning Full Scan / Custom Scan / Quick Scan.



Performing Full Scan In Every Two Weeks Is Best And Use Quick Scan Two Times in a Week.

I Hope you’ve UnderStood. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!


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