5 Amazing And Unknown Google Gboard Tricks For Android Users They Should Know

5 Amazing And Unknown Google Gboard Tricks For Android Users They Should Know

We Are Chatting With Our Friends On Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc… Most Of The Smart Phone Users Are Using Inbuilt Keyboard On Their SmartPhone And It Doesn’t Matter To Them What And Which Type Of Keyboard They Are Using, Is There Any Advanced Feature In The Keyboard That Helpful To Us… Surely, Most Of Us Ignore It In Using Keyboard Whether It Is An Inbuilt Keyboard Or Any other 3D Stylish Keyboards.
Moreover, Google Keyboard Comes With An Inbuilt App For Most Of The SmartPhones Mostly For Andriod Phones. Here Are The Article ” 5 Amazing And Unknown Google Gboard For Andriod That You Should Be Use..!!! ”. Google Recent Launches Gboard With An PowerPack Features For The Andriod Users. Google G board Improved Typing Experience Much Better. Let’s Talk About Some Of The Unknown Tricks In Google Gboard.


Google Gboard Unknow Tricks

1. A Complete Search Engine
If To Search AnyThing We Just Close Our Using App And We Open Google [Or]  Google Chrome To Start Our Searching. With Gboard We Can Search AnyThing Without Closing The App. As You Can See There Is a Google Logo On Left Side Of The Keyboard.
5 Amazing And Unknown Google Gboard Tricks For Andriod That Should Be Use..!!!
Simply Tap On The Google Logo Button To Start Searching Without Closing The App.
Google Gboard Make Your Search Faster And Easier. You Can Use It As a Weather App, Image Search etc…

2. Instant Translator

To Translate Any Word Or Sentence Into an Another Languages Like From English To Hindi We Use Some Of The App To Translate a Word Which Was Sent By a Friends, Relatives On Whatsapp, Facebook etc…We Close Our Chatting And Opens a Translator App To Start Translator. With Google Gboard We Can Easily Translate Any Word Without Closing The App Which Means [ Instant Translator ].
Now Select a Language You Wish To Translate And Type The Word Or Sentence To Get Instant Result.

3. Real-Time Gif’s And Emoji’s

To Send Any Gif’s Or Emoji We Can Only Access It By Only On Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Messanger etc… Through This App, We Can Use Emoji And Gifs. With Google Goboard We Can Use Gifs And Emoji’s Wherever We Want…Long-Press On The Symbol Of Cumma [ , ] To See The Symbol In The Image.

4. One-Handed Keyboard

Most Of The SmartPhones Users Feeling Uncomfortable When Typing With Single Hand Offcourse It Irritates a Lot, We Are Unable To Type Anything With a Single Hand.Moreover, With Google Gboard We Can Easily Type Anything With a Single Hand By Tapping On The Three Dots And Select The Option Called One-Handed Mode.
Selection The Option Of One-Handed To Switch Into a Single Mode Keyboard As Shown In Below Image.


5. Some More Tricks

  • To Type Captial Letters We Use The Key [ ⇑ ] Upper Arrow By Tapping [ Two Times On It ]  To Start Typing Captial Letters, With Google Gboard We Can Easily Type Captial Letters Without Double Tapping On It… To Start Typing Captial Letters Simply Start Dragging From [ ⇑ ] Upper Arrow Key To Any Letters To Get Captial Letter.
  • To See Complete Symbol Or To Access Symbols Simply Hold The Dot [ . ] Button To See The Symbols, To Use The Symbols Move Your Finger On It…

5 Amazing And Unknown Google Gboard Tricks For Android That Should Be Use..!!!

  • If You Are Creating a Note Or Mailing To Your Friends It May Takes Some Time To Complete The Task, To Make It Easier And Faster Simply Use This Trick Dragging.  Yes, Drag Or Move Your Finger On The Words In Keyboard You Wish To Type, You Can Get The Word Without Typing…

I Hope you’ve UnderStood. ” 5 Amazing And Unknown Google Gboard Tricks For Android That Should Be Use..!!! ”. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it with your friends ………!!!



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