7 games that take up little space on your smartphone

7 games that take up little space on your smartphone

No matter how much storage on your phone has unless you do not like to install apps and games, it will fill up. One way to extend the filling time is to move to applications and games that take up little space. Today we are going to talk about the Android Games which takes up little space.

7 games that take up little space on your smartphone

This time, we will collect several games that take up very little space on our smartphone. We know that the internal storage of terminals is a problem for many users who read us, it is for the same reason that we want to show you several video games that you can download without worrying if you lack internal memory, let’s learn to know them!

Android Games That Takes Up Very Little Memory On Your SmartPhone

Android Games Less Than 20MB


Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game that could remind the uninitiated of games like Heroes of Might & Magic. Your goal is to continue down the level, to reach the stairs, to dodge enemy attacks or to deal with them. To do this, you must precisely control your movements on the map. Speaking of mapping, scenarios are procedurally generated, so every time you play, it will be different. The game only takes 9 MB of your storage space.

Pewdiepie Legend of Brofist

You may have heard of it, maybe not, but on YouTube, the most popular channel is that of PewDiePie, and that is a gamer that now makes his own game in collaboration with Outer Minds. Fans can vote for certain aspects of the game, including the name, and that is now officially recorded as PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist. Game Size only 19 MB.

Android Games That Takes Up Less Than Space Of 30MB



We have been able to find this game on Google Play for years; however, it was necessary to include it in this list. A very simple but fun video game in which we have to manipulate a little ninja in order to create bridges to go from one platform to another.

The game is completely free and we decided to add it to the list because of the small space it occupies on our device, its weight is only 12.78 MB, a light video game that offers hours and hours of fun. Install Stick Hero


Equally stressful can be aa, which is defined as the Hello World of games. Your goal is to send the small balls from below to the non-stop rotation core. The trick is to prevent them from touching other satellites because soon the available space is too small, the rotation is too fast and the balls need to pick up too many balls. It takes 24 MB.


One of the most addictive and fun games on the list, we assure you that with Tap Tap Tap Dash you will spend several hours without stopping playing. This video game is as simple as the previous one, and the only goal is to stay on track.

We only have to click on the screen when we want to change direction or jump on the other side, and not only will we do it with one character, not at all, we will find a lot more, we will unblock through the 1000 levels that the game offers us.


Another great game that joins the list of those who take up little space is Hill Climb Racing, a video game in which we have to ride on the vehicle we want, with him we must achieve certain goals that are offered to us. Each level.

Improve the parts of your vehicle to make it much faster and more powerful, get the highest score to compete with your friends. But be very careful because these vehicles consume a lot of fuel, do not miss gas!


Did you ever think about to be an airline pilot? Well, your goal is getting closer, at least with this fourth game that we show you here. Although it’s more than just a video game, it’s a flight simulator where we have to fly our own commercial plane.

Fly your own plane to the right destination, follow the route points and you are sure to reach your goal. Of course, it’s not just about flying, we also have to land, so be very careful when it comes to landing. Install the light games.

Android Games Under 50MB


Are you a driving fan with a driving license? Park your vehicle in the best possible way with Dr. Parking 4 so you can start practicing for when you have your license and must park your own car on the street.


ZigZag is one of those games that will make you wanted to throw your phone out the window from time to time, like Flappy Bird? Your goal is to keep the ball in the solid ground (that is, to prevent it from falling into the void) while you pick up the diamonds. All you can do is touching the screen, which changes the direction of the ball in both directions. A few thousandths of a second and the play is over. It takes 49 MB of storage space.


Brain Dots is quite similar to the previous Physics Drop, although a little more technically polite. Your goal is to make the two balls meet, using traces that will come alive to act as a bridge, a lever or something imaginable. The game occupies 46 MB.

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