8 Rookie Mistakes Of Logo Design Services Provider Makes

8 Rookie Mistakes Of Logo Design Services Provider Makes

Becoming a professional logo designer needs a lot of experience and extra knowledge than only dealing with the professional logo designing tool. A professional logo designer is more likely to make a lot of mistakes on a daily basis that is gone unnoticed but cause major damage.

Here are the eight common mistakes that every rookie logo designer makes at the start of their career, and continue doing it until told.

  1. Using Adobe Photoshop Rather Than Adobe Illustrator

One of the common mistakes that beginners logo designers make is that they use the Adobe Photoshop for designing the logo instead of Adobe Illustrator. It is true that Photoshop also offers a few useful tools to create a logo design, but it is certainly not a standard tool for creating a logo design. Adobe Illustrator or other tools like CorelDraw are more appropriate for designing a logo.

  • Instead of Drawing On a Paper First, Direct Use the Designing Tool

It is indeed a very fruitful practice to sketch the logo design first on the logo designing tools rather than creating it on the logo designing software. A rookie is providing the logo designer services often does exactly the opposite, create a design on the software first and then show it to the clients, which ultimately becomes a big problem if the client request any change.

  • Creating a Complex & Difficult Logo Design

It is usual thinking of an entry-level logo designer that the more complex design will be the more people will think that the designer has put their efforts in it, which is entirely a wrong a concept. The more the logo will look complicated the more the people get distracted as they will avoid going into the difficulty to understand it. Keeping the design simple and classy is the best decision!

  • Relying Too Much On the Effects

Another rookie mistake that is done by the new logo designers is that they think that applying too many enhancements will make a logo design outshine. The reality is very different, as adding too many effects will only going to overload the logo design and make it more complicated and as we have already covered the fact that a complex design sway the audience away, including too much beautification will going to backfire.

  • Following Too Much Trend to Create a Logo Design

Beginner logo designers when they freshly learned about the logo designing techniques they often study about all the trending designs as well. In order to practice them, they follow too many trends while creating a client’s logo, which is also a wrong choice. A logo design that is too much trendy will evidently start to look outdated once there will bea new trend in the market.

  • Use of Raster Images

Every professional logo designer that offers expert logo designer services UAE is aware of the fact that it is a very bizarre habit to use the raster images in the logo design unless there is a specific purpose of using it. Using raster images will explode the pixels when it was zoomedin. Entry-level logo designers are apparently unknown of this fact and use raster images that cause the logo to be designed in bad quality.

  • Using Multiple Colors & Overlaying Colors

Entry-level logo designers make this common blunder of using so many color tones in one logo design, which is not acceptable at many levels. It is important that the color psychology should be followed in the logo design to make it look appropriate. Another error they create while playing with the colors is that they overlay so many colors which make a logo design looks a lot dizzier.

  • Using Clipart Images or Stock Images to Create a Logo Design

The method of using the clipart images might not be very common with the beginner logo designers, but it is not like that all the logo designers are same. There are some of the logo designers that believe that using the clipart images is an easier way to design a logo. Similarly, there are countless logo designers that think that using the stock images in the logo design is also very appropriate as it helps them to a considerable amount of time. Mostly what they do is to pick up a prop from the library of stock images and use it in the logo design rather than creating the entire themselves.

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