Awesome Google Translate App Tricks To Strat UsinG Today

Awesome Google Translate App Tricks To Strat UsinG Today

Google Translate App Allows To The Users To Start TranslatinG a Text And To Know The MeaninG Of a Text AnyThing From One Language To Another Language Instantly And Easily That Works With / Without Internet ( Offline ). I Think Most Of Us Are UsinG This App And Some Of Us Knows The App And What Is The Use Of This App In Our Android And iPhone Devices. Hold On a Second Are You ThinkinG About The ” Google Translator ”  On Web. No, I’m SayinG About The App Google Translate Which Comes With AmazinG An Features To Translate Text From One Language To Another Language And To Know The MeaninG Of a Text. Most Of Us Didn’t The Use The App Completely That Means AmazinG Features And Tricks In The App Google Translate Offcourse We Didn’t Touch Any Features In It.., Then We Have To Know What Are Features In The App And How To Use Them Perfectly. No Problem Here Is The Article That Explains You About Some ” Awesome Google Translate App Tricks To Strat UsinG Today ” Have a Look To Know More About It..,

1. Camera

We Know The Option Camera, It Helps You To Translate Any Text / Word AnyThing else By PlacinG The Google Translate App Camera On It To Translate The Word. Ex: To Know Meaning Of a Word That Is In The Chinese Language, Simply Select a Language To Translate And Place The Camera On The Text To See Translation ( Meaning ).


If You Don’t Know What Is The Language Of That Word Then You Have a Select an Option ” Detect Language ” By Selecting This Google Translate App Instantly Detect The Language Of Word And it’s Translation. Camera Tool Supports All The Languages Perfectly. [ Don’t Shake Your Camera While Translating ]. Two More Things / Tricks To Say About Camera Tool Inside The App. 1] When We Open The Camera Tool As You Can Three Option, Middle Option Is For To Capture The Text By ClickinG On The Camera Button It Starts Scanning Text, After Scanning It Detects All The Text, Tap On The Option Select All To Select All The Scanned Text To See Translation.

Here Is The Video To Know More About the App

2. Handwriting


The Second Feature Is HandWriting, The Use Of HandWriting Tool Is Simple To Understand ” Hand + Writing = HandWriting Which Says Write The Text With / Using Your Hand Fingers ”, Most Efficient And Useful Feature When We Compared With Keyboard. The HandWriting Tool Needs Internet Connection To Work.




If I And My Friends Are Discussing a Topic / Taking Each other Is Know As Conversation In a Simple Meaning. Conversation Tool Help Us a Lot. For Ex: If You Are From U.S.A Went To India To Visit Tourist Places In India Then You Need a Guide To Gather Information About The Places, Here Is The Problem The Guide Doesn’t Know / Speak English.., Then What Is The Situation Here.???? If You Are Using The App Google Translate Then The App Solves your Problem Easily By Selecting The Option Conversation. Select The Languages To Start Conversation Between You By Holding The Auto Option Button To Start Conversation.

Here Is The Video To Understand Easily


4. Voice


This Tool Has The Same Feature That We Discussed On Above Conversation. Select The Language To Start Translation Of What You Said In Another Language. There Is No Anything To Say About The Voice Tool. We Covered All The Details On The Above Conversation Tool.

Hidden Feature In The App

1.SMS Translation

To Translate SMS / To Know Meaning Of an SMS That You’re Received On Your Device We Have To Copy The Text And We Open The Google Translate App To Know The Meaning / Translation Of an SMS By Pasting The Text In The App. No More To Say About That We Have To Switch Between Two Apps To Do. But From This App, It’s Make Easier Simply Tap On The Three Lines Which is On Top Left Side Of The App To See The Option And Settings, Select The Option SMS Translation And Select The SMS To See It’s Translation And Meaning.

2. Offline Translation

To Use The App Without Internet Then We Need To Download The Language Pack To Use It In Offline Without Internet By Selecting The Option ” Offline Translation ” To Download The Language Pack You Wish To Use The App In Offline. Select Your Language And Tap On The Download Button To Download It.

3. Tap To Translate

One Of The Best Feature In The App Is ” Tap To Translate ” When You Are Chatting With Your Friend In Whatsapp Your Friend Send a Message In Other Language Then You Have a Doubt What Is The Meaning Of The Text.?? Yes Offcourse, We All Have The Same Doubt But What We Do We Switch Between Two Apps To Copy The Text And To Paste The Text In Other App To See The Translation.

Here Is The Video To know More About Tap To Translate

Tap To Translate Apps Helps You In The Situation By Long Tapping On The Text To See The Option ” Copy ” Select It To See The App Icon On The Left Side By Default, Tap On It, To See The Meaning / Translation Without Pasting The Text. We Have The Enable The Option Manually By Following.

Tap On Three Lines ⇒ Settings ⇒ Tap To Translate ⇒ Enable It And Select Your Preferred Languages.


I Hope you’ve UnderStood. ” Awesome Google Translate App Tricks To Strat UsinG Today ”.  If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!




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