Check Out The Radiation Coming From Our Andriod Device

Check Out The Radiation Coming From Our Andriod Device

Hai Guys EveryOne Using SmartPhone From Children To Our GrandParents But Most Of The Smart Phone Users Doesn’t Know What Is  ” Radiation ” And Is This Radiation Coming Through Our Phone Can Cause Any Problems To ” Our Body Or Mainly Head Part”.
According To SAR Information Means, ” Specific Absorption Rate ” Information, The Mobile Devices Meets Indian’s National SAR Limits. The India SAR Limits For Mobile Device is Maximum And Minimum Should Be ” 1.6 w / kg ”

 India SAR Limits For Mobile Device is 1.6 w / kg Average Over 1 Gram Of Tissue.

Test For SAR is Conducted by Using Standard Operating Positions With The Device Transmitting At This Highest Certified Power Levels In All Tested Frequency Bands.
Here is One Of The Device SAR Value Of Lenovo Device When Tested For Use At The Head And Body is Outlined as Follows:

HEAD SAR:- 0.939 W / Kg.
BODY SAR:- 0.822 W / Kg.

So Every Smart Phone Users Can Check The Radiation How Much It Releases From Our Smart Phone. So For You Need To Open Your Dialpad And Type The Code Below Given.

Type This Code ” *#07# ” To Check The Radiation Coming Through Your Phone.


If Above Code Doesn’t Open Go To Setting > About Phone > Regulatory Information… From Here You Can Check It Out  Radiation Of Your Phone.

After Typing This Code You Can See That How Much Are Radiation Are Coming Through Your Phone…
So Guys Share You Friends And Family Friend’s As Much As Possible To Know The Details Of Radiation Releases From Their Mobile……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

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