Clean Up Your Computer With Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner

Clean Up Your Computer With Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner

In Internet, Nothing is safe when Browsing We have to stay alert constantly when Browsing on the Internet. There is a Common and simple reason behind this that everyone knows what they are Malicious links/websites, Viruses, Malware and last one is Hackers who are waiting to eat their food from us. We have to keep our computer safe and secure, Although we have many Antivirus Programs in Market Like Windows Defender ( Inbuilt ), Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avira, McAfee etc.. That keeps our computer Aways from Viruses, malware programs, malicious links.


Well, If you are Chrome User Then you can use Chrome inbuilt Malware Scanner to scan your computer To Find and Remove harmful software. Yes, it is Possible With Google Chrome Many of us are using Google Chrome for Surfing Right And Chrome it is one of the Trusted and Best software for Browsing. BUT we all don’t know Chrome has an inbuilt Malware Scanner That scans your computer and finds harmful software. To Know How To Use This Feature Checkout The Article ” Clean Up Your Computer With Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner ”.

Here Is The Way To Go

1). First Open Your Google Chrome Browser.

2). Tap on the three dots which is top right to see the settings option in Down Below.

3). Now scroll down to see the option ” Advanced ” click on it to see some more options.

4). There is an Option ” Clean Up Computer ” at the Bottom Click on it.


Use This Shortcut Code To Enter Directly ” chrome://settings/cleanup ” By Pasting In The URL.


5). Now We Can scan our computer To Find Harmful Softwares, To Start Scanning Tap On The Find Option To Start Scanning.

6). Now You Can Scanning Has Begin And It’s May Takes Little Bit Of Time That Depends On Your Computer Usage.


7). If It Finds Any Harmful Softwares You Can Uninstall Them from Your Computer Manually.

Things That Scanned By Chrome’s Malware Scanner in Our Computer 

[ A ]. Metadata About Programs.

[ B ]. Programs That Are Installed And Running In The Computer.

[ C ]. System Registry Value.

[ D ]. Scheduled Tasks.

[ E ]. Windows Proxy Settings.

By Default  Chrome Will Automatically Reports Scanning Details To Google, If You Don’t Need To Send The Reports To Google Then Turn Off The option To Stop Sending Reports.


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