Here Is An Instagram Latest December Update You Need To Know..,

Here Is An Instagram Latest December Update You Need To Know..,

 Instagram Is Gettings Latest Updates For Its Users On Every Time And Now ItsBrings Of The Best And Latest Update for Their Lovely Users In The Year ending of 2018. We Miss This Update Up to this Date But Now It’s On Live On EveryInstagram Users, Instagram Is One Of The Top Picture Sharing Media All Over TheWorld.

I Think You Guys Egarly Waiting To Know What IsThe New Feature On Insta.., In Whatsapp And Messanger etc..There Is a FeatureVoice Messaging Right We Can Instantly Share Voice Message To Our Friends ForMore Fun And Entartiment And User Feels More Comfortable Than Typing EveryMessageRight. We Have Seen Any Feature In The Instagram Right And Some Time We FeelsThat We Miss The Update In The Insta.., Now No More Waiting Let’s Start “Voice Messaging” On Your Instagram. The New Feature is Here..!!!

If You Didn’t See Any New Feature, Just Go To The Playstore And Update Your Instagram App To Get The New Update Feature Into Your SmartPhone. I Think This Is One Of The Best Feature On Instagram And The Interactions Are So Nice, New Animation Effects When You Deletes The Messages etc.. Offcourse This Is One Of The Best Feature That We See On Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger And Other Social Media Sharing Apps etc..

Let’s See How To Use This Feature

  • Once you Opening Chatting Board You Can See The Voice Messaging Icon.
  • SimplyTap And Hold To Start Recording Your Voice.
  •  To Lock The Recording Swipe Up And To UnlockSwipe Down.
  • ToDelete Your Voice Message Scroll To Left To See The Delete Icon Drag Over On ItTo Delete The Message.

Enjoy The New Instagram Feature In This Weekend With Your Friends And Your Lovely Crushes..

Stay TunedFor More Tech Updates And Tricks From Us…,


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