Hidden Features And Useful Tricks In The YouTube App You Have To Use It

Hidden Features And Useful Tricks In The YouTube App You Have To Use It

As Most Of us Doesn’t Know There Are Some Hidden Features And Useful Tricks In The YouTube App [ Not On a Website ]. No More To Say About The App YouTube, To Watch AnyThing else We Simply Open The App And Start Searching For The Video To Start Watching Videos. Moreover, We All Actually Didn’t Take a Look At Its Second Screen Which Is An Settings And Features etc.., Watching Videos And Downloading [ Offline ] Videos When You Get Bored / Free In Time. We All Have To Know All The Features And Tricks On The YouTube App To Start Using Today From This Article ” Unknown And Hidden Useful Tricks In The YouTube App You Must Try ”. 



Here Is The Way To Go

First Open Up Your YouTube App And Tap On The Icon Of Your Google / YouTube Account Which Is On Top Right Side In The App. Tap On It As You See Some Options Here Simply Tap On The Main Option Which Is ” Settings ” Once You Clicked On It Then You Are In The Settings Dashboard Of Your YouTube App.


Let’s Go With One-by-One

1. General

Click On The Setting General To See Some Setting Here, These Will Help You a Lot While Watching Videos And Saves Your Data While Watching With Cellular Data etc. By Arranging Some Settings Manually.

( A ) Limit Mobile Data Usage:- First Enable The Option ” Limit Mobile Data Usage ” We Can Save Our Mobile Data a Lot While Watching Videos, Thinking How ?? Here We Go When We Play a Video In High Resolution (HD – 1080P ) The Data Consumes a Lot If We Watch One Single Video In HD. By Enabling The Option Limit Mobile Data Usage We Can Watch HD – 1080P Videos Only On When Connected To Wifi Network. We Can Watch Videos When Connected To Mobile Data With ” 480 P / 720 P ”. This Will Helps You In Saving Mobile Data a Lot.


( B ) Double Tap To Seek:- By Default You Can There is a ” 10 Seconds ” What Is Meaning Of This And The Use Of Double Tap To Seek. When We Are Watching Videos We Move Forward / BackWard Little Bit Video By Placing Finger On The Video Timeline To Do It, But It’s Doesn’t Move Perfectly And It’s Uncomfortable While Watching. This Trick Makes It’s Easier And Simple Feels You Comfortable With Watching, As You Seen Above At First There is a ” 10 Seconds ” The Meaning Of This Trick Is Simple, To Move Forward / Backward We Can Do It By Double Tapping On The Video Either Left / Right You Which To Do It. If To Move Forward Double Tap On The Right Side Of The Video, It Moves 10 Seconds Because By Default There is a 10 Seconds We Can Change It By Tapping On It. Moreover We Can Forward / Backward Up to 60 Seconds.



( C ) If You Are a YouTuber Uploading Videos From Your Device You Can Select The Option ” Uploads ” And Select Your Preferred Network To Upload Videos [ Wifi / Cellular Data ]. Along With You Can Select The Video Upload Quality Range While Before Uploading Videos By Tapping On The Option ” Upload Quality ” And Select Your Video Range – 720 P / 1080 P / Original Quality.

( D ) Restricted Mode:- If You Are Children Watching Videos On YouTube, As We Can All Kind Videos Showing Up On YouTube. To Keep Your Children’s Away From Inappropriate [ Sexual ] Videos. Enable The Option Restricted Mode Which Helps You To Hide Inappropriate Videos On YouTube Which Will Keeps You Kids Safe.

Hidden Features And Useful Tricks In The YouTube App You Have To Use It

2.Making Videos [ Offline ] Download

We Can Watch Videos On YouTube Without Internet By Download / Making It Offline By Tapping Download Button On The Video. Before Downloading ( Offline ) Videos It Aks You To Select The Video Range. Simply Get Into The Settings > Download > Video Quality > Ask Each Time [ Or ]Select a Video Quality Range. 


To Delete All Your Offline Downloaded Videos And Playlist With One Click Simply Get into  Settings > Download > Delete All Downloads > Pop Up Message Aks You To Conform. And Also You Can Check The Available / Used Storage On Your Device To Make Videos Offline.

Watch On TV

To Play / Watch Videos On Your TV Then You Have To Connect Your TV To Your Device In Order To Play Videos On Your TV. Make Sure Your TV is On And Connected To Wifi Network. To Know More About These Settings Tap On The Option ” Get Help ” To Know How To Connect And Play Videos On Your TV.

Hidden Features And Useful Tricks In The YouTube App You Have To Use It

History & Privacy

We Watched Uncountable Videos On YouTube On Our Devices And Coming To Searches, No Words To Say What We Searched And What Are The Videos We Watches. Most of Us Doesn’t Know How To Clear Watches And Searched History In The YouTube App. We Just Ignore About App, To Clear Watched / Searched History Simply Get Into The Settings > History & Privacy > And Click On The Above Two Options To Clear Watched  / Searched History On YouTube. As You See a Pop-Up Message For Conformation Allow It.

We Can Stop / Pause Watched History And Searched History By Enabling The Two Options By Manually. Get Into The Settings > History & Privacy > Enable The Third / Fourth Options. To Pause Watched / Searched History On YouTube.


On YouTube, Most Of Us Is Subscribing Some Of The YouTube Channels To Stay Updates On Their Uploads. If Need To Make Some Changes On Notifications You Can Do It By getting Into The Settings > Notifications > Here You Can Make Changes That You Want To Do. 



I Hope you’ve UnderStood. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!


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