Hidden Meanings Behind Those Famous Brand Names

Hai Guys Every Where We Are Discussing Some of The Top Famous Brand Names In NewsPapers, Online And Much More Places. But Most of The Peoples Doesn’t Know There are a Hidden Meanings Behind Those Famous Brand Names.
But All We Know The Actual  Names Or FullForms Of the Those Famous Brand Names. So Let Us Both Know And Learn The Hidden Meaning Behind Those Famous Brand Names…………..

Here is The List Of Hidden Meaning Behind Those Famous Brand Names:-


” Intel ”  Shortened From Integrated Electronics.

 ”Nike ” Named For The Greek Goddess Of Victory, The Swoosh Symbolises Her Flight.

Named After StarBuck, A Character in Herman Melville’s Novel MOBY- DICK.

In Order To One-Up His Former Employers [ National Cash Register ], Tom Watson SR Called His Company ” International Bussiness Machines ”.

The Word Volkswagen Means ” People’s Car ” in German.

Founder August Horch Found a Name For The Company By Translating His Name, Which Means ” Harki ” Listen, Into Latin. Horch’s Name Was Already in Use By His Previous Car Manufacturing Company. 
Four Rings Represent The Auto Union Of Audi With DKW, Horch, And Wanderer.

Shortened Version Of Nippon Kogaku, Meaning ” Japanese Optical ”.

Comes From The Afrikaans Spelling Of RHEBOK, A type Of African Antelope.

From Voice, Data, Telefone.

The Company Was Earlier Known By The Name Nippon Sangyo Which Means ” Japan Industries ”.

The Orginal Concept Was SKY – PEER – TO – PEER, Which Morphed Into Skyper Now Skype.
I Hope You All Got The Secret Hidden Meaning Behind Those Famous Brand Names…………..####

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