How To Disable Automatic App Updates On Android Device…

How To Disable Automatic App Updates On Android Device…

As We See On Every Android Device There Is a Lot Of Apps Scrolling Up And Down To Open Our Favourite Apps Like YouTube To Watch Trending Videos, Or Watching Our Favourite Shows On Netflix And Many More All These Are Being a Part of Our Life. Most Of Us Are Updating The App To Access The New Features In The App And They Fix Bugs. Moreover, We All Do The Same Thing On Every App That We Installed On Our Android Device To Stay Updated On EveryThing, But Sometimes We Don’t Want To Move Our Some App To Latest Version For Number Of Reasons. Moving The Latest Version Of The App Can Be a Changes Of Giving Full Permission For The Bugs To Enter Into Our Mobile.

How To Disable Automatic App Updates On Android Device...

By Default Google Playstore Automatically Keeps Apps Up-to-date. So When We Turn On Mobile Data / Connected To Wifi Network Google Playstore Start Updating The App That Is In Our Device Without Our Permission. Updating Apps With Wifi Network Doesn’t Matter, But Updating Apps With Mobile Data Consumes Total Cellular Data. Moreover, Most Of Us Doesn’t Look And In a Simple Word We Ignore It. Keeping Apps Up-to-date Doesn’t Matter That All The Android Users, But Updating Unwanted App [ Unimportant App ] They Will Eaten Up All The Internal Storage Of Your Device. No More To Say About That We Have To Change The Setting Manually In Order To Cancel / Disable Automatic App Updates And Moreover We Can Update Our Favourite App Like ( Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.. ) Manually And That Is Only The Way To Update Apps That Are Our Favourite / Important To Us. Here Is The Article On ” How To Disable Automatic App Updates On Android Device ”.

Here Is The Way To Go

  • First Open Up Your Google Play store App.
  • Click On The Top Left Three Lines And Scroll Down To See The Option ” Settings ”.
  • Under The Category Of ”General” You Can See The Option ” Auto-Update ” Apps.
  • Click On ” Auto-Update ” Apps To See The Three Options On It.


  • By Default You Can See The Option ” Auto-Update Apps ” We Have To Deselect The Option By Selecting First / Third Option As You Like.
  • If You Select The Third Option ” Auto-update Apps Over Wifi ” When You Connected To An Wifi Network The Apps Start Updating Automatically Under Wifi Connection.


  • To Stop Completely Automatically App Updation Then Select The First Option ” Do-not Auto Update Apps ” By Selecting The Google Play store Completely Stop Updating Apps.
  • If To Update Any Apps We Have To Do It Manually By Selecting The App You Wish To Update Under Cellular Data / Wifi Network.


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