How To Download And Install Desktop Themes In Windows 10-Easy / Safe / Secure

We are using Different Desktop Wallpapers in our computer That Are Mostly From Google images In Google Search Right. If we need Desktop wallpapers we use Google, Offcourse we search on Google Images To Search And we use those images as our Desktop Wallpapers. After Downloading the images we choose one of them and set as our desktop wallpapers BUT the Result will be Zero that means something has gone wrong when we take a look of the image at web it looks good and feels like High-Resolution Image After setting this image as Desktop wallpapers It doesn’t like nice and the image doesn’t fit perfectly to our desktop size and etc..,


If you’re a Windows 10 user using the latest version then it’s very easy that you can download themes directly from your Microsoft store for free. There are a bunch of (10 / 15 / 20 ) wallpapers In a single Theme. When coming to Windows 7 / 8 users there is no Any feature to access directly from Microsoft store. Well, Today I Got a complete solution both for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 users from this Article. How To Download And Install Desktop Themes In Windows 10-Easy / Safe / Secure. Take a look to know More…,

Here Is The Way To Go

  • Right click on anywhere in the Desktop to get some options, Among click on the last option Personalization. 

How To Download And Install Desktop Themes In Windows .png

  • Now you are in general settings of Personalization, Click on the option Themes which is on the Left side, Click on it.

How To Download And Install Desktop Themes In Windows 1.png

  • After clicking on the option Themes you can an option Get More Themes From Microsoft Store click on it to view Themes in Microsoft store.

How To Download And Install Desktop Themes In Windows 2.png

  • If you didn’t see this option Get More Themes From Microsoft Store Update your computer ( Or ) follow another process.

2ND – Process Applies for All windows users

  • Open up your browser and paste the URL to enter directly into the official themes page of Microsoft.
  • From here we can download desktop themes for free and they are safe and secure, scroll down to see some themes.
  • Select your category to view themes and click on the download button, to get that theme into your PC.
  • All your downloaded themes are saved in the folder Download get into the there and select a theme Ending With (.themepack ) and double-click on it to install the theme in your Computer.
  • Now get into settings >> Personalization >> Theme >> you can see all the theme that is installed in your computer.
  • To delete a theme right click on it to see an option Delete tap on it to delete the theme from your computer.

I Hope you’ve UnderStood. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!

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