How To Download Thumbnails / Cover Images Of YouTube Videos

How To Download Thumbnails / Cover Images Of YouTube Videos

Hi Guys, It Has Been a Week That I Didn’t Post Any Article On The Site Today I Came With An Amazing Article Which May Helps You a Lot On How To Download Thumbnails / Cover Images Of YouTube Videos. In today’s world, youtube has become very important part of our life and everyone love to watch online videos and YouTube videos but you have seen that there is no option to download youtube videos and thumbnails! So in today’s Article, we will let you know How to download youtube thumbnail from online software like “Youtube Thumbnail Downloader”.

Moreover, Thumbnails are The key part of any video to Attract visitors! Whether to view a video or not depends upon on its thumbnail When a person clicks on The video, it opens the original file! Thumbnail is also used by YouTuber to increase their watch time by making thumbnail more attractive! So chances of getting viral on YouTube may increases! It is known as “CLICKBAIT” on YouTube…!!!


Not everyone has The necessity to download youtube thumbnail! But basically, blogger’s and webmaster uses The thumbnail as article featured image to get more numbers of click and visitors! And people who don’t know how to grab thumbnail online, Uses the window’s screenshot feature! But it’s An old method to use! After uploading a video on YouTube, it automatically shows 3 thumbnails from that video. You can select either from 3 choices given by YouTube or you can upload your own custom image to appear on a video cover.


Usually, you will get thumbnail image in 120 x 90 Image Resolution.This size of The thumbnail is too low in quality! So the best option would be to get the video’s custom thumbnail images per our choice.

Step 1:- First of all, you need to need to open your desire video on YouTube.
Step 2:- Just watch the video on YouTube then view the page source by pressing “CTRL+U” on white space. Copy the everything that goes after /watch?v=. So if the video’s URL is, the ID would be L__T5a2sne.
Choice 1 – 320 x 180 Small image resolution.
Replace the “YTvideoID” in the link below with your own YouTube video ID then open it on your web browser.
Choice 2 – 480 x 360 standard image resolution
Repeat choice 1 “YTvideoID” with your own YouTube video ID.
Choice 3 – 720p or 1080p HD image resolution
Repeat Choice 1 “YTvideoID” with the ID of your YouTube video.
Note:- After YouTube latest update this method not probably work’s!


Step 1: Open “Youtube Thumbnail Download” And you will see a search box on top of the site..!!!
How To Download Thumbnails / Cover Images Of YouTube Videos
Step 2: Now copy the URL link of the YouTube video which you want to download and then paste it into the search box!
download (1)
Step 3: And now press the “Submit” button and it takes approx 0.98 seconds to show your Result.
How To Download Thumbnails / Cover Images Of YouTube Videos
Step 4: Result Page will Show you Thumbnail In Different Resolutions! Download YouTube Thumbnail as per your convenience.
Step 5: Now, right-click on the image and then click on “Save image as…”
Step 6: Save The Image With default Name or Rename it as you wish.
I Hope you’ve UnderStood. ” How To Download Thumbnails / Cover Images Of YouTube Videos ”. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it with your friends ………!!!

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