How To Download / View Data From Shortcut Pendrive or Disk

In Our Computers, We Are Using Or Inserting Pendrives / Card Readers To Transfer Data From Pc To Drive Or Drive To Pc Like Absolutely We Are Inserting Pendrive To Pass Softwares And Much More… In Some Cases, We Can Face Problem Like ” It Open In Shortcut ” Or When We Click On Drive In Open A Shortcut Drive….
So We Can’t ” Open Or Transfer File From Drive To Pc ”, In Order To Open The Disk Or File We Need a Some Setting Right Now To Open The Files Drive Or Disk..!!! Without Any Setting, We Can Open Files / Documents etc…
Here is The Article That How To Solve Or Open The Files Which Are In Disk Or Drive Without Using Any Software Or Any Internet Connection…@…!!!

Here is The Way How To:-

  • First Open The Browers ” Google Chrome ”.
  • Now Type The Command Or Letters In Top Search Bar…
  • We Need To Know The Letter Of Drive, Ex:- ” Kumar Arjun ( F:) ”.
  • Now Type The ” Letter Of Drive Or Disk ” To Open The File.

How To Download Or View Data From Shortcut Pendrive

  • Now You Can a Link Or Url Which Is in First Or Down Of Search Bar.

How To Download Or View Shortcut Data From Pendrive

  • Simply Tap On Down Link To ” Access The Disk Or Drive ”.
  • Here You Can See The Files Which Are In Disk or Drive Which You Selected…
  • So From There We Can Open Or Play Music / Songs / Videos And Much More.
  • We Can Download Files By Just Tapping Or Double Click On File.

 No Need Of Internet Connection Which Means We Can Download Files / Play Videos / Music And Much More Without Any Need Of Internet Connection.

  • That’s It Simple And Easy….!!!

I Hope you’ve UnderStood ” How To Download / View Data From Shortcut Pendrive ”. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this Tips it to your friends ………!!!

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