It is Common Problem For Every Pc Users That How To Fix Not Responding Apps Or Programs In Windows 7 / 8 / 10. When We Are Running Programs Like Photoshop / Video Editing Softwares And Much More Software We Can Surely Face The Problem Of Any Programs Which Is Not Responding…..
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It is ” Common Problem” For Every Pc Users But They Don’t Know How To Solve The Problem,, Here is The Solution That How To Solve Or How To Close Not Responding App Or Programs…

Here is The Way How To:-

  • First Open The ” Task Manager ”.
  • Use This ShortCut Key ” Ctrl + Shift + Esc ” To Open..
  • Now Tap On ” Processes ” And Select a Programs Or App Which Is Not Responding.
  • Just ” Tap Or Right Click ” On Program And Select ” End Task ”.
  • ” End Task ” Which Helps Us The Close The Programs…
  • That’s It Simple And Easy To Close The Programs.
  • Just By Tapping On ” End Task ” We Can Easily Close Which Are Not Responding.
  • That’s It  Simple And Easy….

I Hope You All Got The Solution That How To Solve Or Fix Not Responding Programs in windows 7 / 8 / 10 In Easy Way. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!