How to improve sound quality of your headphones in Android

How to improve sound quality of your headphones  in Android

How to improve the sound quality of my headphones?? How There is a lot of ways to improve the sound quality of your headphone, of course, there are many ways like using volume booster Apps and different equalizers etc..I Think Most of you guys had tried all these apps and everything to improve the sound quality of your headphones, I meet thousands of apps in play store to improve sound quality But most of the apps are not works perfectly I’mean they didn’t reach our expectations as we need. I saw many of you guys have purchased some of the apps to improve the sound quality, yes We think paid apps will work definitely and it’s perfect when we make a comparison between free and paid apps.

But guys it’s total wrong it depends on Three Things

  1. The smartphone which you are using.
  2. The Audio file bitrate 128kbps or 320kbps.
  3. The sound quality of your headphones.
improve sound quality of your headphones

1.The smartphone

Most of the smartphone hadn’t had the good speakers to listen to music aloud when we are public places like a bus station, Metro stations etc..we didn’t the sound quality of our smartphone. So There is one solution to this use your headphones while you’re in public places. Of course, we use headphones that not a matter at all. We need an at least good sound quality to feel the music experience.

2. The Audio Bitrate

We have a many sites to download music into our device but before downloading the audio file we have to check the bitrate of the audio file either it is 128Kbps or 320Kbps. There is a lot of difference between these two audio bitrates. 128Kbps Audio files will not gives the better audio output, 320Kbps Audio files high audio output. Higher Bitrate audio files produce high sound quality effect because it holds the lot of data.

3. The Sound quality of Headphone

We spend more money to buy headphones ofcourse there is no one and we didn’t compermise in headphone selection. The Headphones like JBL, Skullcandy, BOT etc..They have a high sound quality and bass quality etc..Most of the users didn’t afford to buy those headphones. if you are using normal headphones we have to small tips to increase the sound and base quality of your headphones.

Follow these tips and tricks to increase sound quality

  • Use the App Google Music to listen to Music and Mostly Personally recommended this App.
  • Enable Equalizers to feel the Music Experience Better.
  • If you need more base quality Enable The Bass Boost and Surround Sound.
  • Change The Audio settings of your device to experience the sound quality as Better. settings >> Audio >> Headphones & Audio Effects. This option is available in some of the devices only.
  • To see whether changes are applied or not Use Headphones.


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