Have you’re Ever heard About Smart Phone is Attacked or Affected by VIRUS? Here is the Article how to Prevent Your Andriod Mobile From VIRUS Attack. Nowadays smartphone users are increasing day by day and also One of the problems Arises that is VIRUS (EX: Bug, Trojan ETC..). Okay! Let us see How To Prevent Your Andriod Mobile devices From VIRUS Attack.

Here is Some Tips Says our Mobile Has VIRUS 

1. Ads Displaying on Screen:-

How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???
Did your Observe on above pictures with Red Marks are called as Ads?
Un-necessary Ads are displaying on Mobile without we are opening any  Browser, Applications etc.. (EX: pop-up Messages etc..) When we Turn ON our Mobile Data

  •  Ads are displaying without permission of  ADMIN.

2.Going SMS and Phone calls:-

Going SMS and Forwarding Phone calls to others Without we are Touching our mobile and also there is a loss of Balance in our Mobile Without asking the permission of Admin.

3.Ads are displaying on Social Media Sites:-

How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???
When we are opening social media Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc…  we should compulsory notice that No Ads are displaying on Social Media Sites. If Un-Necessary Ads are displaying on Social media Sites.

  •  Then we can say that our mobile is affected by Bug/ virus.

4. Draining our Smart Phone Battery Fastly:-

How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???
MY Smart Phone Battery is Draining Fastly When we are Compared to a few days back.

  •  The Malware present in our mobile controls the Background Apps.
  •  The Malware  Controls the Smartphone processor and RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY 


  •  SO IT drains our battery Life Fastly when we compared to a few days back.

5. Lagging or Hanging Mobile More Times:-

How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???
IS your Smart Phone is Lagged or  Hanged for many times.

  •  Hanging our mobile by THIRD PARTY RESOURCES Like Installing Apps from UNKNOW SOURCES.
  •  BY Choosing the Option of UNKNOW SOURCES In our Mobile We are Giving the permission to install Un-Wanted apps from  NON-TRUSTED SITES.
  • One Thing We need to Remember that GO TO SETTING < SECURITY < TURN OFF UNKNOW RESOURCES.


6.Data Usage Warning:-

data usage

  • More data usage warning will appear in most of the smartphone users.
  • However, we can find which use more data usage let’s GO into SETTING < DATA USAGE HERE you can find out which app uses more date.
  • If you find an unknown app which uses more data than we can confirm that there is a malware in our smartphone.

7.Call Dropping Problem:-

Call dropping,  when we are talking to someone it suddenly disables or drops the Network connection.
How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???

  • The first reason is that of Network problem issues or poor network.
  • Next thing is if Malware is present in our Mobile call dropping problems Raises.
  • So, The best choice is we need to Best Antivirus App on our Mobile.

8. Unknown App have Appeared:-

IN Our Smart Phone, We can be seen that unknow App are installed on our device without our Permission.
How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???

  • IF That type of App Appear in our We can say that our Mobile is infected by Virus.
  • So, For our security, we need to UNCHECK the Unknow resources option.
  • Go to Setting < Security < Unknow Resources < Turn off .

9.Botting Problem:-

Most of our smartphone users are Restarting their smartphone due to Hanged or Strucks.
How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???

  • When our smartphone restart or booted we have an idea that our mobile starts in Expected time.
  • I expected time crosses then we can conclude that our mobile is affected by the virus.
  • One thing we need to do that HARD RESET.
  •  We Have a chance for increases in Booting  Time and also a Removal of MALWARE OR TROJAN ETC….!

10. wi-fi, Bluetooth Turns on Automatically:-

IF  WI-FI and BLUETOOTH Automatically Turn on there is a Malware.
How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???

  • SO, Malware can corrupt the OS ( Operating System).
  • So, we need to that:-

#  First, We need to Scan the Mobile with Best Antivirus App.
#   Second, We need to do that Master or Hard Reset.

11.Search Bar Isn’t Responding:-

In Our Mobile, search Bar option is not working or Not responding.
How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???
We can surely say that our smartphone is affected by Bug or virus.
So we need a Malware Removal App and scan the Mobile.

12.HEATING Problem:-

Nowadays it is a most common problem for smartphone users that are the Heating problem.
How To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS..???
Ther is a Two Types of Heating Problems:-

  • We are playing games and installing big apps and using apps for long times, our Smart Phone Starts the heating  Problem, But this is a common problem when we are at Work or Using.
  • Without touching the mobile or Keeping mobile rest for a While, Our mobile start Heating Problem Due to Malware attacked.
  • Because of Malware use the 1.CPU ( Central processing unit )

2. RAM (Random Access Memory )
3. Processor.
IF same problems repeat, then we need to
02. Our next step is we need to open Safe Mode by restarting > pressing volume buttons up and down it starts in safe mode. here you can see the unknown app which is not installed by you, select the app which you need to uninstall.
I Hope you’ve Understood How  To Know My Smart Phone is Attacked by VIRUS. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!