Instagram Had more than 400 Million Users Undoutabely One Of The Top Most Popular App In The World. Uploading Photos And Videos On Instagram To Share With Our Friends, Following Our Favourite Celebrity And Much More, We Did On Instagram And Yes Offcourse We Have To Agree All These Things. We All Face Some Problems While Using The App In Our Android / IOS Devices Like It May Stops Working In Some Times, Suddenly Closes The App Automatically And etc.. UsinG The Instagram App Very Often Without MakinG Some Manual Changes Can Affect Your SmartPhone. Luckily You Have To Avoid It By FollowinG These Three Tips From This Article ” How To Prevent Instagram From Slowing Down Your Phone ”. Have a Look To Know More…


Here Are The Three Tips To Follow

  1. Use Less Mobile Data.
  2. Turn Off All The Notifications.
  3. Say No To Duplications Of Photos.

1.Use Less Mobile Data


When We Are Instagram We Scroll Very Fast Because of We All Need To Watch Videos And See Photos And Moreover Instagram Knows All Its Users Scrolls Very Fast Through The Feed Therefore It Preloads All The Videos And Photos To Give a Good Experience. This Is Not a / Won’t Be a Problem If You Are Connected To Wifi Network. When You Are UsinG Mobile Data Instagram Consumpes Data Aggressively. We Can Prevent It FollowinG The Simple Steps.

  1. Tap On Your Profile.
  2. Now Tap On The Options Placed On The Top Right Section Of The Screen.
  3. The Last Step Is Tap On ” Cellular Data ” And Then Select ” Use Less Data ”.

This Process Will Prevent Instagram In Pre-loading The Videos On Your Instagram Feed When You Are UsinG Mobile Data.

2. Turn Off All  The Notifications

How To Prevent Instagram From Slowing Down Your Phone

You Don’t Always Need To Know What GoinG On Instagram. If You Are Following a Huge Number Of Peoples On Instagram You Will Be Filled With Mess Of Notifications, Some Of Them Are Important And Some Of Them Are Non-Important. Declutter EveryThing By Turning Of All The Notifications. When We Turn On Notifications We Indirectly Gave The Permission For The Instagram App To Run In The Background. As a Result Both The Battery And Mobile Data Are Consumed. You Can Always Check All The Notifications When You Sign In To Your Instagram Account And Therefore You Don’t Need Those Notifications.

3. Say No To Duplications Of Photos.


When We Upload a Photo On Instagram, The App Create a Folder On Our Device To Save Those Uploaded Photos And Videos. Moreover, We Don’t Need Them / That Photos Are Already Available Or Saved On Our Instagram Account. We Can Manually Delete That Photos By Entering The Device Gallery. We Can Make Some Changes Manually To Say No To Duplications Of Photos.

  1. Tap On Your Profile.
  2. Tap On Options.
  3. Now Toggle Off ” Originals Photos ”.

I Hope you’ve UnderStood.” How To Prevent Instagram From Slowing Down Your Phone ”. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!