How To Remove Junk Files From Windows, Pc 7 / 8 / And 10.

Is Your Computer Lagging Or Not Responding For a While Then There Are So Many Reasons For The Problems Off course We Can Slove Some Problems Among Them Before It Gets Totally Crashes All Components.
One Of The Reasons Behind Lagging Or Not Responding Is  Off course ” Junk Files ” In Our Computer.
Here is Article How To Remove Junk Files From Our Windows, PC And Make Your Computer Faster Like New Pc, Computer. But We Are Installing Some Software To Remove Junk And Unwanted Files From Computer That’s Wrong.
When We Installing Some Softwares In our Pc To Remove Junk Files We Feel Happy That My Pc is Running Fast When Compared To Before And After Installing Softwares. But We Don’t What That Software Did In Our Pc

Here is The Way How To:-

  • First Open The Run Tab. [ Windows + R ].
  1. After Opening The Run Tab Type This Command [  %temp%  ].


  • And Press Enter a Window Appears on Desktop.
  • Select All Files [ Windows + A ] And Press Delete Button in KeyBoard.
  • That’s It All Files Will Be Deleted.

2. Now Again Type Another Command In Run Which is [ temp ].

  • As like a Window Appears On DeskTop As usual Delete All Files.

And Close The Window.
3. Now Type This Command [ Recent ] in The Run [ Windows + R ].

  • As It Is A Window Opens On Desktop Select All Files [ Ctrl + A ] And Delete It.
  • Now Go To The Desktop And Open ” Recycle Bin ”.
  • Select All Files Which we Deleted From[ % temp%, temp, Recent ] Files.
  • Delete All Files From Recycle Bin.
  • That’s It Simple And Easy Way.


Do This Process When Or While You ShutDowning or Turning Off Your Pc After Using.

I Hope you’ve UnderStood How To Remove Junk Files From Windows, Pc 7 / 8 / And 10. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!