How To Restore All Our Deleted Photos And Videos In Android..???

Unfortunately we are Deleting photos and videos from your Android And ios Devices. Once We Delete Anything from your device we can’t get Back Right whether it is mail, contact Apps etc.. we have to forget about that deleted files. Moreover there are Many Softwares in the market to Recover Photos By plugging to computer. But we Can’t Recover your photos / videos, many of us are trying apps that are is play store which helps you to be cover photos / Videos. Although There are Many Hidden photos Locker App to Hide their personal photos And videos. They Are Very Dangerous, Before uninstalling the app We have to unhide photos/videos from the ( folder app ) otherwise we will miss our photos / videos that Are Hidden in the Hidden App. When I Seen Review of Those Hidden Photo App, Most of the review are ‘ They lost their photos when they uninstall the app ‘ once the App Deleted we can’t Recover the photos / Videos especially there are Some Little if we make some Setting.

Well,There are many other ways to Recover photos / Videos. But today I bring you An Easiest way to recover All your Deleted photos / Videos. Check out the Article ‘ How To Recover All Your Deleted Photos / Videos On Android ‘.
NOTE:- Before Getting into process, you have to Upgrade your Google photos And Backup Sync → Enable.

Here is the way to go

  • open your Google photos app or login to
    Sign up your With your ‘ ‘.
  • Click On The Three line which is top left
    Side to see settings options Bottom.
  • In order to Restore Photos/ Videos you have
  • to enable ‘ Backup & Sync ‘ for your selected account.
  • Click 0n ‘ Backup & Sync ‘ to see to The option ‘ Backup device folder ‘.
  • Select a folder to Backup your Photos.
  • Get back into the homepage of Google Photos.
  • Click On The Horizontal lines to see the
    Options “ trash “.
  • Tap On The Option Trash To See All Our Deleted photos / Videos.
  • Remember one thing the items in trash Will Be Deleted Forever After 60 Days.
  • To Restore Your Photos Long Press On it to see the option Restore, To Restore Multiple Photos Click On The Option Restore To Get Back Your Photos.

Note:- We Can Recover / Restore The Photos Which Are On Trash Are Only Taken From “ Camera Click “.

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