How to Use MacOS Mouse Pointer in Windows 7/8/ 10

How to Use MacOS Mouse Pointer in Windows 7/8/ 10

Many of the Window users wanted to use Apple Mac’s Mouse pointer in their windows PC either it is Windows 7/8/10, of course, most of the users had the situation and I’m one of them. Because when we make a comparison between windows Mouse pointer Vs Apple Mac Mouse pointer, Apple is the winner without any Doubts, It looks same as windows but we don’t know how we guys fall in love with Apple’s Mac mouse pointer. I think Mac users had fallen in love with the windows mouse pointer.

MacOS mouse pointer for windows 10

I feel bored sometimes while I’m using the same mouse pointer in my daily life why don’t we move it for Mac Side that means I’m saying you to buy Mac, but without buying we can use Apple Mac’s mouse pointer in our windows PC Perfectly. By default there are some different mouse pointer that is like Mac’s Mouse pointer but it doesn’t look so good also little bit bigger in size.

MacOS mouse pointer for windows 10

Those who are looking for a Mouse pointer of Mac to their window PC, now it’s time to get their new mouse pointer into their PC by reading this App, I Think you guys meet many of the videos and articles about this. But I bought you the best and the easiest way to use Mac Mouse pointer in their windows 7/8/10 from this Article. Let’s get into the article to know more.

Follow these Five simple steps to see mouse pointer in your PC

Step 1: First we have to download a File (cursor pack) by visiting this Deviantart page and download the Mac OS mouse cursor pack for Windows 10. The download link is on the right-top side of the page.

Step 2: The file which you are downloading is the zip format we have to extract the file, once extracted we can some different styles of mouse pointer images in the file.

Step 3: There is a file which is named as “ install “ we have to install the file in our pc, simply right click on the file to see the option “install” select it to install the cursor pack in your PC.

Step 4: Search with this name “main.cpl”  without double quotes in the search bar to enter into settings of mouse properties Directly.

Step 5: Now select the Pointers tab and change the scheme to EI Captain once selected you can see a demo preview on right side, click on the option Apply button to apply it and press OK.

That’s It Simple and Easy, if you guys have any doubts feel free to comment below in the comment secetion.


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