How to view connected Wi-Fi password in PC??

How to view connected Wi-Fi password in PC??

Most of us are  trying different method to see the Wi-Fi password which is around us right, I think most of the bachelors are connected with the situation every time and I think so, because if there are any wifi networks around us we can’t sleep without knowing the password once we know the password we use their network 24/7 totally. We know that most of the wifi owners didn’t say their password directly to us of course we don’t reveal the wi-fi password when we are in the owner place right. Now in the present technology, we have many ways to view the wifi password which we are connected and non-connected wifi networks with our PC. To say in a simple English it’s like wifi hacking but it’s not a hacking.

The Article which i’m covering now is only for educational purpose not to miss use. So let’s get into the article if u are connected with any of the wifi networks we can easily view their password without knowing to them from our PC. There are many ways to procced the task but i’m covering the easiest way to my viewers and visitors through using command Prompt [CMD] on Windows OS.

Here is the way to go:

  • Connect your pc with the wifi network that you wanted.
  • Once you connected, Run the ‘CMD’ by using Run Dialogue Box.
  • Now follow the simple command which i’m saying now
  • Type the first command without quotes netsh wlan show profile” and press Enter.

  • Here you can see all your wi-fi network which you are connected with your PC.
  • To view a selected wi-fi network’s password use the command netsh wlan show profile name=enter your wi-fi name key = clear ” press ENTER
  • A process will takes place here before its shows the password Under The Security Category.
  • once completed you can see the wifi password Key Conetent=“ password

  • To close the cmd use the key “exit” an press Enter.
  • This Is An One Of The Easiest Way To View Wi-fi Password When You Are Connected With The Wi-fi Network.


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