We Are Sending Files Which Belongs To Different Categories Like Softwares / Media Files / Documentary Files Belongs To Project Works etc.. Whatever It May Be We Are Sending Different Files Which Belongs To Any Category..!!!
Most Of Us Are Sending Files Via Mail ( G-Mail ) But There is a ” Big Checkpoint ” To Every File Sender Which is ” We Can Send up to 25 MB ” If The File Is Above Morethan 25 MB We Can’t Send It Via Mail….!!!!
Here is The Article ” Now It’s Easy To Send Heavy Files Around The World ” Let’s Check It Out…!!!
Step 1: Simply Get Into The Google And Search For the Site ” Wetransfer.com ”.
Step 2: ” Wetransfer ” Is  One Of The Best Website Which We Can Send  ( Any ) Heavy Files Up to 2GB.

  • There is No Any Needed Of Creating An Account.
  • We Can  Send or Receive Files From Wetrasnfer Website For Free of Cost Up to 2GB.

Step 3: Now Tap On ” I Agree ” Button.
Now It's Easy To Send Any Heavy Files Arpoung The World
Step 4: Now Tap On  ( + ) Button To  Add or Upload The Files Which You Wanted To Send.
Now It's Easy To Send Any Heavy Files Arpoung The World
Step 5: After Uploading The Files, Simply  Enter The Details Which You Wanted To Send.
[ Or ]
You Can Send Files As a [ Direct Link ] By Tapping Three Dots Which Is Given In Above Image On The Wetransfer Website.
WeTransfer (4).png
Step 6: Now Tap On ” Transfer Button ” To Send Files.
Step 7: Now Open Your Mail Inbox And Download The File.
That’s It We Can Send Files Via Mail or As a Direct Download Link To Access Files Easily With This ” Wetransfer ” Website..!!!
I Hope You All Understood ” Now It’s Easy To Send Heavy Files Within a Seconds ”. If You Have Any Doubts Comment In below Comment Section And Feels Free To Share This Tips To Your Friends..!!!