Tips To Improve Battery Life In Our Smart Phone

Tips To Improve Battery Life In Our Smart Phone

Smart Phone users are Increasing Rapidly because of we are getting information whatever we need From Our Smartphone, it is like our Personal Computer. But one thing is kidding that is Battery is draining fastly.Okay! Let us see How To Improve Battery Life On Our Smart Phone From this Article …….

 Tips To Increase Our Smart Phone Battery Life

1.Don’t Enable Automatic Brightness

If You are using Automatic brightness level in your smartphone, it consumes more battery life.
IT is the First Step For draining or Consumption of our battery Life

So, Go to Setting < Brightness < Adaptive brightness or Automatic < Turn off Option.

  • Keep it as Manual Option instead of Automatic.
  • This is the  Main Reason for consumption of our Battery Life.

2. Uninstall Facebook

Uninstall Facebook and Messanger App because of using these apps our smartphone charging drains fastly.
Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Your Smart Phone
# Instead of using Facebook or Messanger App use the Facebook lite App because it is best for using and it saves our battery our battery life.

3. Animation Scale

Go to Setting <  About Phone < Tap Seven times on Build Number. A pop-up Message shows that you are in Developer Options.
Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Your Smart Phone
Now Come Back to the setting, You will see a Developer option.Here You can Find

  • Turn off All Animation Scale

1.Windows Animation Scale
2.Transition Animation Scale.
3.Animation duration scale.

  • Next Step, scroll down for an option of Force GPU rendering.Enable it
  • Because it Decreases the Heating problem of our smartphone when we are playing games or using big apps.
  • The Pressure of  CPU falls on GPU rendering Instead of pressure on  CPU.

4.Don’t use Live Wallpapers

If you are using live wallpapers on your smartphone, remove the Live wallpapers Most of the smartphone users are want to look their smartphone more beautiful.
Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Your Smart PhoneOne thing you need to Remember that if your SmartPhone screen is IPS (In-plane switching) is a screen technology for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).
SO don’t use live wallpapers for IPS screen and also for other smartphones.

5.Don’t keep Background Apps

Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Your Smart PhoneMost of the smartphone users are Keeping More Background Apps.If you Remove Background Apps your Smartphone Battery life Increases.

  • First  Go To Setting < Deveoper Options < Apps < Don’t keep activites .
  • Second Go to Background Process Limit. Here you can choose the option of how many apps to be in Background process limit.

6.Don’t Install Apps Like Battery Savers

Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Your Smart PhoneDon’t Install Apps Like Battery Savers from Google play store. Because These Apps ENABLES the option which we are Done/given in the TIPS.

  • So All the Smart Phone Users are Feeling Happy  When they are installing the Apps and thinks as this Apps Works Great …!!!!!!

7.Enable MONOCHROMACY Option

The Above option is Used in Rare Cases, The reason is when our Smart Phone is going to DIE or Switch off.
Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Your Smart PhoneIf You Want to Enable The Option. Go To Setting < Developer Options  < Simulate Colour Space < Select the Option of  MONOCHROMACY.


Android 5.0 Lollipop provides this feature by default: Enable Developer mode (by tapping build number within Settings > About phone multiple times) Go to Developer Options and turn it on. Under Hardware accelerated rendering you will see an option called Simulate color space, click it and set it to Monochromacy …!!!

I Hope you’ve Understood How To Increase your Smart Phone Battery Life. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!


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