Top 22 Useful Tricks To Be a Master In Keyboard Ninja..

Top 22 Useful Tricks To Be a Master In Keyboard Ninja..

Hi Friends, It’s Been Almost 10 Days That I Didn’t Post Any Article On The Website, I Think You Are Waiting For The Article And Sorry For The Late That We Had Some Celebrations. Without Any Discussion Have a Look At This Article Mostly For Pc Users. If You A PC User Then You Might Know Some Of The Keyboard Shortcut Keys On Windows PC, Offcourse Most Of Us Are Using Windows PC, To Open / Close AnyThing We Always Use Our Mouse Cursor To Do The Thing But Using Mouse For Small Works Also Didn’t Look Nice And We Have a To Avoid Using Mouse To Open Any Action. We Have To Keyboard Shortcut Keys To Do All Our Works And That Nice And Comfort In Our Work. Learning Keyboard Shortcut Keys Will Helps You a Lot In Your Daily Life Work At Anyway That Makes Work Easier And Simpler Which Saves a Bunch Of Time. I Think Most Of The PC Users Those Who Are Beginners Doesn’t Have An Idea About The Keyboard Shortcut Keys And It’s Uses. Every PC Users Must Learn These Keyboard Shortcut Keys To Become a Master In Keyboard Ninja Mostly For Beginners If You Are a Beginners Then You Are Right Place And This Article Is For You” Top 22 Useful Tricks To Be a Master In Keyboard Ninja. ”


Here Is The Way To Go

Grabbing Text

Shift + Home  = Select Whole Line Left Of Cursor.

Shift + End     =  Select Whole Line Right Of Cursor.


Fixing A Mistakes

Ctrl + Z = Undo

Ctrl + Delete = Delete Word After Cursor

Ctrl + Backspace [ ←  ] = Delete Word Before Cursor.


Switching & Closing Tab

Alt + Tab = Quickly Switch Between Programs.

Ctrl + F4 = Quickly Close Windows.

Alt + F4 =  Quickly Close Programs. [ Also Use For Shutdown PC ].

Windows Button + D = Quickly Return To Desktop.


Jumping Through Text

Shift + Arrows [ ← → ] = Select Text Where The Cursor Is Placed.

Ctrl + Home =  Move Cursor To Start Of Doc.

Ctrl + End = Move To End Of The Doc.


Using The InterWebs

Ctrl + T =  To Open a New Tab.

Ctrl + L = Jump To The Address Bar.


F4 = Jump To The Address Bar.

Ctrl + Shift + T = To Reopen Closed Tab.


Moving Text Around

Ctrl + A = Select All.

Ctrl + X = Cut.

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + V = Paste

Ctrl + A + C + N + V = Copy All & Paste Into a New Doc.


In MS Office

Ctrl + N = Create a New Document.

Ctrl + O = Open a New Doucement.

Ctrl + S = Save a Doucement.

F12 = Save As.


I Hope you’ve UnderStood. Here Is The Another Article Here are The Top Unknown Secret Shortcut Keys For Windows Pc [ 7 / 8 / 10 ] ”. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!





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