Top 8 Hidden Games In Pc & Smart Phone @ You Should Try Now…!!!

Top 8 Hidden Games In Pc & Smart Phone @ You Should Try Now…!!!

Everyone Loves To ” Play Games In Pc And In Smart Phones ”, OffCousre I To Loves Playing Games Like Racing, Action, Simulation And Much More… Mostly The Children’s They Always Wanted To Play Games ” What Ever May Be Needed a Games To Play ”, Absolutely. Yes Or No.???
We Are Downloading Different Games Like Racing, Action, Simulation And Much More To Our Pc And In Smart Phones…!!! There Are Some Addictive Games Which Are Available In Both Pc And Smart Phones Which We Can Play Without Downloading And Installation…!!!
Here is The Article That Says About The  ” Top 8 Hidden Games In Pc And Smart Phones @ You Should Try Now Without Installation ”. Let’s Check It Out..!!!

” Simply Get Into Google And Search ”.


1. Atkari Breakout

The First Hidden Game Is ” Atkari BreakOut ”. Simply Get Into The Google Type This  ” Atkari BreakOut ” And Tap On Images,  Guys Here is The Screen Shot Of The Game Play…
01 atkari.png

2. Tic Tac Toe

The Second Hidden Game ” Tic Tac Toe ” Most Interesting And Addictive Game Ever. We Can Choose The Levels Like Easy / Moderate / Difficult…!!!

3.Pac Man

The Next Game Is ” Pac Man ” This Is An Old And Different Game…!!!
pac mna.png

4.Zerg Rush

The Next Game Is ” Zerg Rush ” This Is A Different Game That Eats All The Letters Which Display On Screen Of Google Search….

5. Smarty Pins

Smart Pins This Is Best Game Which We Can Improve Our Knowledge a Lot By Location Areas For The Given Questions In Google Maps…
smart pin.png


Everyone Know This Game And This Game Will Be In Every Windows Pc… Those Who Wanted To Paly Cards This Is The Best..!!!

7.Flip a Coin

Flip a Coin Is A Simple Game Which We Can Test Our Percentage Of Luck In Our Life By Flipping a Coin…

8. T – Rex Game

Every Pc User Know About This Game Which We Named As  ( Dinosaur Game ) We Can Play This Game Without Any Internet Connections…



Note:-  It Works Only In Google Chrome In Both Pc And Smart Phones.




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