Turn Your Smartphone into a Security Camera @ 2017 Trick

Turn Your Smartphone into a Security Camera @ 2017 Trick

Everywhere in Cities / Townes, There is a Security Camera for Government / Privates  Offices with High Quality of Price and Brand. So Here is the Cheap and Simple way to To Turn Your Mobile into a Security Camera in Our Houses Without Any Cost.
turn mobile into security camere
Guys Here is the Simple Tricks To Follow How:

  • Install an App Driodcam Wireless Web” Avaliable in Google Play store.


  • Download the App and Open it.
  • This is the Photo of Inside ”Driodcam Wireless Cam”.

driod cam inside.png

  • Enter the ” Browser IP Cam Address or Access in our Browsers as Shown in Image.
  • After Entering the IP Adress in Our Pc we can See Everything from Our Pc.
  • We can Turn on / Turn off  Flash Light From our Pc.
  •  Zoom in / Zoom Out Facilities are Available.
  • We Can Add a User Name and Password to Login into Our Browsers.

Remember One Thing Connect Your Smartphone Wifi With the Same Network.

I Hope you’ve Understood How to Turn our Smartphone into a Security Camera. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!

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